New post looks at how psychological distress may play out among queer and transgender people and give you an introduction to the concepts of trauma…

December 2022

A question from someone on tumblr leads to some reflections on whether "sexual mimicry" can explain trans and queer identities and behaviors.

October 2022

There is only one English language channel for transgender news on Telegram, namely Transgender World.
The Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal has published a new fascinating book on the role of sex, gender, sexuality and gendered behavior among chimpanzees…

September 2022

Some say that queer is a slur. Others see it as an excellent term for all those outside the cisgender/heterosexual majority.
Elagabalus came out as a trans woman in imperial Rome. The hypermasculine culture of that place and time did not accept her as the woman she was.

July 2022

Petra De Sutter is a Belgian gynecologist and politician. Would it be OK for a cis woman to ask for another female gynecologist, if Petra was the one…

June 2022

Yesterday I posted an article about positive Norwegian attitudes towards queer and trans people. Tonight Oslo Pride was attacked by a terrorist.
You need to take a look at what the Norwegian lesbian feminist and LGBTQA-activist Brita Møystad Engseth has to say about "trans-exclusionary radical…

May 2022

New research shows that 94 percent stick with their trans identity.

April 2022

Transphobic activists are using all the tricks in the Book of Oppression in order to force transgender kids back into the closet. One way is to lie to…
"I like pictures that look like the real world". "Gender is biology". There are similar mechanisms underpinning the fetishization of "realistic" art and…